Tell Northrup: Support School Choice for All

Tell Northrup: Support School Choice for All

Should ALL Wyoming taxpayers have school choice? Or should politicians pick and choose which children get an education that fits their needs? 

In just a few days, a watered-down school choice bill will be considered by the Wyoming House Education Committee. And the fate of the bill lies in the hands of the chairman, Rep. David Northrop.

Northrup may push through this half-baked bill, which would leave tens of thousands of hardworking Wyoming taxpayers ineligible for school choice scholarships. 

Real school choice means giving every Wyoming family power over their hard-earned dollars – so that every child in Wyoming gets an education that’s best for them. Not just certain groups.

Click below to call Rep. David Northrup directly, and tell him to support education freedom for ALL Wyoming families, no exceptions.

Call Committee Chairman David Northrup: (307) 456-7217

As always, please be respectful when contacting elected officials. Be an example of the values you seek in our elected officials.