Wyoming values are more than just words.

Personal freedom, integrity, fiscal responsibility, economic prosperity and environmental stewardship are foundational to our way of life. These values were enshrined in our state through civil discourse, rigorous debate and seeing the best ideas win.

But today, these values are under threat.

Now we see hyper-polarization, spin, propaganda and a breakdown of trust in the public square. This is creating a dysfunctional political environment across the nation and right here in Wyoming.

What happened?

It all boils down to a lack of integrity in politics. Too many lawmakers talk one way and act another – failing to honor their commitments to those who elected them. Without integrity in our political system, there is no foundation for trust.

That’s why concerned citizens came together and started Honor Wyoming: a grassroots organization dedicated to upholding integrity in our political system. Because we believe upholding integrity is the key to protecting Wyoming values.

Our mission is simple:

We keep a vigilant watch on our state lawmakers in Cheyenne, making sure they uphold the commitments they made to the people who elected them. We draw inspiration from the frontier scouts of old, who protected others from danger. This is why we proudly display the scout in our logo.

We also act as a voice of reason for Wyoming voters to rely on. When we see lawmakers acting without integrity or voting against our values, Honor Wyoming has a duty to alert their constituents. We do this for the love of our great state, and to honor the traditions and hard-working families that have always defined us. As the Code of the West says: “Be tough, but fair.”