The Brand Book

The Brand Book


The voters of Wyoming need a simple way to keep an eye on our state lawmakers.

And to know if they are living up to their commitments.

So Honor Wyoming developed a reasonable, fair and easy tool to measure whether lawmakers in Cheyenne have integrity when representing the people who voted for them: The Brand Book.

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What is the brand book?

The Brand Book measures a lawmaker’s integrity based on action – not talk. Because keeping your word is more than a fair standard to set for any self-respecting Wyomingite. And we should expect nothing less from our elected leaders.

Honor Wyoming acts as a voice of reason by scoring each lawmaker’s votes to see if they are in alignment with the most basic and agreed-upon responsibilities all Wyoming voters expect them to uphold. These responsibilities are included in:

  • The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution
  • The Declaration of Rights in the Wyoming State Constitution
  • The principles and values in their party platform: Republican or Democrat

How the Brand Book works.

After every legislative session, each bill voted on by either the House or the Senate is carefully reviewed to determine if it aligns with the principles and responsibilities found in the U.S. and Wyoming constitutions, as well as the Democratic and Republican party platforms. In the 2023 legislative session, this meant more than 80 bills and 6,078 individual votes.

If a lawmaker’s vote on a bill aligns with these sacred documents their integrity score goes up. If their vote on the bill does not align, their integrity score goes down. Once all the votes are tallied, we have a clear understanding of where each lawmaker stands. 

Lawmakers with high integrity are recognized as Top Hands, showing voters they truly ride for the people of Wyoming. That they Honor Wyoming.

Lawmakers with questionable integrity are recognized as Fence Sitters, indicating they need to up their game and show the people of Wyoming that they are not all talk.

Lawmakers with low integrity are recognized as Clowns, showing voters they are not honoring their word. That maybe they don’t Honor Wyoming.

Does your lawmaker ride for the brand?
Do they Honor Wyoming?

See the Brand Book