Save the Rodeo

Save the Rodeo

Jackson politicians are not being honest about their years-long effort to develop over the Jackson Hole Rodeo and Fairgrounds land. 

When presented with the facts showing what they have been up to, they deflected with perfect political spin, claiming it was “misinformation”. 

But the facts are clear… 

  1. They have already taken over half the land for urban development projects. It once covered 26 acres, but today it only has 12.35. 
  2. The Town Council had on their 2023 agenda to create neighborhood plans on the Fairground’s land.
  3. Public officials have made efforts to rezone the Fairgrounds for even more development projects. 
  4. An official Town Council audio recording surfaced from 2021 of Jackson Councilwoman Jessica Sell Chambers asking, “If we start this process in January, how long, if everything went smoothly, if our objective is to get housing built on the Fairgrounds, when would a project be shovel ready?”

But after Wyomingites from across the state have made their voices heard, they are now saying they are in “discussions” to figure out how to keep the rodeo in downtown Jackson for another 50 years.

We hope they are sincere for once, but it’s going to take more than words to regain the trust of Wyomingites.  

Email Jackson officials now and ask them to show they truly respect Wyoming culture by posting the signed lease agreement on their website.

As always, please be respectful when contacting public officials. Be an example of the values you seek in our public officials.

Tell Jackson Politicians to Save the Rodeo