Poll Results In: Wyoming Has a Political Integrity Problem

Poll Results In: Wyoming Has a Political Integrity Problem

Our recent Facebook poll of 1,080 Wyomingites revealed that over 83% of respondents do not believe our state lawmakers have integrity. This might come as a surprise to many. From the people to the culture, integrity is woven into the very fabric of our state. So, do Wyoming lawmakers truly have an integrity problem? You can see for yourself. 

Since most people measure integrity by action and not talk, we are spotlighting 6 independent sources that have crunched the data and determined how many Wyoming state lawmakers vote with integrity.

  1. Institute for Legislative Analysis revealed a startling trend among Wyoming Republicans. Despite running under the Republican banner, many of these lawmakers are found to consistently vote in alignment with Democratic positions, raising questions about the authenticity of their party affiliation.
  2. The Federalist has labeled Wyoming as the epicenter of America’s “fake red state” problem. This characterization suggests that while Wyoming may have a majority of Republican state lawmakers, the reality within its political sphere tells a different story. The discrepancy between what party lawmakers associate with and how they actually vote raises concerns about the integrity of the state’s political representation. 
  3. Honor Wyoming’s Brand Book scores each Wyoming lawmaker based on their political integrity.  After every legislative session, each bill voted on by either the House or the Senate is carefully reviewed to determine if it aligns with the principles and responsibilities found in the U.S. and Wyoming constitutions, as well as the Democratic and Republican party platforms. In the 2023 legislative session, this meant more than 80 bills and 6,078 individual votes. If a lawmaker’s vote on a bill aligns with these sacred documents their integrity score goes up. If their vote on the bill does not align, their integrity score goes down. Once all the votes are tallied, we have a clear understanding of where each lawmaker stands.
  4. An independent scorecard site dedicated to assessing Wyoming lawmakers, Evidence Based Wyoming has highlighted a concerning pattern. Many Republican lawmakers, according to their analysis, often vote in a manner that aligns more closely with the Democrat Party. 
  5. WyoVote, another independent scorecard site, also reveals many of our lawmakers are masquerading themselves, affiliating with parties that do not align with their voting records.  
  6. WyoRINO identifies lawmakers who serve as Republicans but consistently have very liberal voting records despite their Republican affiliations.

These independent findings collectively paint a troubling picture of Wyoming’s political landscape. As citizens, it is crucial to hold our elected officials accountable and demand integrity in governance. 

To learn more about how you can help defend political integrity in Cheyenne and preserve the Wyoming Way, check out our Take Action Page.