Support choice in education for every Wyoming family

Support choice in education for every Wyoming family

Nobody knows the unique needs of children better than parents. 

So shouldn’t every parent have the right to decide how their kid is educated? 

Many states have embraced this idea through Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs). ESAs are like golden tickets for families. 

They function like debit cards, where the state sets aside funds for individual student accounts, allowing families to use them for state-approved educational services like tutoring, online courses, transportation, private school tuition, or even therapeutic services. They can also use them to empower their family to home school or to partake in a hybrid public-private education.

HB19, the ESA bill that Chairman David Northrup championed through the House Education Committee, will be presented to the Wyoming House of Representatives in a matter of days.

But the bill EXCLUDES tens of thousands of hard working middle-class families in Wyoming.

Tell your lawmaker, when it comes to deciding what’s best for their children’s education, no Wyoming family should be left behind. Your email will be sent to every member of the Wyoming House of Representatives.

As always, please be respectful when contacting elected officials. Be an example of the values you seek in our elected officials.

Tell Lawmakers to Support Choice in Education for Every Wyoming Family