2024 Legislative Action Update

2024 Legislative Action Update

The ever-growing Honor Wyoming community was very busy this legislative session standing up for Wyoming values and protecting our way of life. Our community members sent over 100,000 emails to state lawmakers during the short 20-day 2024 legislative session. You made sure your voices were heard loud and clear and had a major impact on the following key issues:

Parental Rights in Education (passed and enacted into law)

SF 09 :This bill specifies procedures and requirements for K-12 public schools to provide parents and guardians notice regarding their children as soon as practicable if there is a change in their child’s educational, physical, mental or emotional health or well-being. The bill requires school districts to adopt policies to reinforce the fundamental right of parents and guardians to make decisions regarding the care and control of their children. It passed with a 2/3rd’s majority in both chambers. Governor Gordon allowed the bill to go into law without his signature on March 5, 2024.

Protecting Minors from Transgender Treatments (passed and enacted into law)

SF 99: This act provides that no physician or health care provider shall perform various medical procedures related to transitioning a child’s biological sex or affirming the child’s perception of the child’s sex if it is different from the child’s biological sex. With your support, the bill passed with a 2/3rd’s majority in both chambers and with the Gover’s signature became law on March 22, 2024. 

Fighting Property Tax Increases (failed)

HB 18: A property tax bill championed by Speaker of the House, Albert Sommers, would have continued to increase property taxes as high as 5% every year on Wyoming families. Instead of much-needed property tax relief, this bill would double property taxes over the next 14 years. Thankfully with your help, this bill was defeated!

Education Freedom (passed but vetoed by the Governor)

HB 166: Would have allowed parents the right to choose what’s best for their children’s education by establishing Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s). ESAs are like golden tickets for families. They function like debit cards, where the state sets aside funds for individual student accounts, allowing families to use the funds for services like tutoring, online courses, transportation, private school tuition, or even therapeutic services. They can also use them to empower their family to home school or to partake in a hybrid public-private education.

The bill came out of the Senate in great shape, but then under Speaker Albert Sommers leadership, was sabotaged with several bad amendments. The worst being the addition of means testing that would have prevented tens of thousands of hard-working Wyoming families from eligibility.  This bill passed both chambers but was vetoed by Governor Gordon.

Gun Free Zones (passed but vetoed by the Governor)

HB 125:After massive public support, Wyoming state lawmakers passed historic legislation that would have made Wyoming a safer place by giving citizens the ability to protect themselves and their families in public venues. However, Governor Gordon vetoed this bill on March, 2024, showing his true colors about how he feels about your Second Amendment Rights.